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About Life4Diabetes

Have you ever watched something happen that you wished you could prevent or make right again? This is the sentiment that led to the formation of Life4Diabetes.com. After collectively spending decades in life and health insurance, we watched people diagnosed with diabetes being treated differently than others. Agents were not being properly trained (if at all) to handle diabetics. Additionally, many companies did not encourage the sale of insurance to diabetics, and some companies would not even make an life insurance offer to a diabetic. Our company exists today to change all of that!

The rules surrounding underwriting diabetes are still very often based on stereotypes formed decades ago and, as a result, are often outdated and archaic. Today's insurance CEOs were agents 30-40 year ago and many have not updated their understanding of this condition and how much better mortality and health is as a result of better treatments and condition management. Treatment for diabetes has improved dramatically in recent years along with strides in better understanding this serious condition.

After watching this process for several years, we decided to do something. As businessmen, we recognized the need that people with diabetes had for competent advice and assistance. We also recognized the fact that this demographic was exploding as more and more people are diagnosed with this epidemic condition. At last count more than 30,000,000 people are estimated to have diabetes. A staggering 79,000,000 have pre-diabetes and are expected to be diagnosed in the next few years!

Our Mission At Life4Diabetes

Our mission at Life4Diabetes is to have the best trained life insurance agents across the United States. Life4Diabetes is a nationwide agency that specializes in finding affordable life insurance for diabetics and people with other pre-existing conditions, such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

"Doing the Right Thing"

Specializing in Life Insurance for Diabetics made sense on a "do the right thing" level as well as a business opportunity level!

In developing this market model, we have discovered several things about our potential clients:

  1. Diabetics, too, have families that need, and deserve, to be protected.
  2. Diabetics want good life insurance coverage at fair rates.
  3. Diabetics want to be dealt with in a straightforward, honest manner. They want results…not PROMISES.
  4. Diabetics want to be told the "real story" so they can properly plan budgets and actually shop for the coverage and policy that fits their needs.

Our primary goal is to get you a policy ISSUED. If it doesn't issue, it doesn't exist. That helps nobody. Once we know what we need to do to get it issued, we then concentrate on finding a good deal with an A-rated insurance company for our clients.

So if you have been declined, are on insulin, suffer from additional pre-existing conditions, are disabled, have a high A1C reading, or anything else you think makes you difficult to underwrite, contact us and let us see if we can help you. Life4Diabetes.com was founded to help a segment of the population that has traditionally had a hard time buying life insurance products….those diagnosed with diabetes and other chronic conditions.